The DISMART system

Smart, simple and energy-efficient lighting technology for your factory

The DISMART lighting control system, which is based on the ZigBee wireless protocol, was conceived to achieve considerable energy savings in large-scale interior lighting systems by adjusting the brightness of the light output of the luminaires depending on environmental and design parameters. The system varies the level of the artificial lighting continuously. It sets the dimming level in order to ensure the desired illuminance within a space, adjusting the luminaires based on the amount of daylight entering the room. 

Dismart caratteristiche

System parameters trend

By exploiting the availability of daylight, you can use DISMART to automatically lower the lumen output of the fixtures (decreasing the absorbed power) and guarantee the desired level of lighting while also cutting down consumptions. Adjusting the lighting system will help you save an average of around 35-40% of energy.

Dismart caratteristiche

The over-dimensioning of lighting fixtures guarantees the same factory power ratings after a time t

DISMART allows maintaining a constant lumen level, because it reduces the energy consumptions due to the over dimensioning of the fixture (highlighted in the chart) necessary to make up for the maintenance factor. Therefore, the system will avoid using lights at full power when so much light is not needed.

With DISMART you can achieve energy savings of around 35-40%

The system’s components

Receiver module

Lighting fixtures with our ZigBee wireless mesh networking protocol for a smart control of lights.

Control HUB

The Wi-Fi/ZigBee gateway with a lux meter for easy control of industrial lights..

Smartphone APP

The app for smartphones that lets you control lights with a weekly schedule.

DISMART Control Hub

Dismart Hub

The DISMART Hub serves as the gateway for the communication nodes (DISMART Receiver) onboard lighting fixtures. It contains a lux meter that constantly measures the illuminance value [lux] present in the area where it is installed. Based on these measurements, the system processes and sends, in real time, a radio frequency command (2.4 GHz) to the receiver node housed inside the lighting fixture.

The gateway module generates a local wireless network to which it will connect with its own mobile device (smartphone, tablet…) and with a dedicated app (DISMART App) you will set the system’s parameters.
The lighting control app allows programming daily or weekly lighting levels for that area. After completing the simple programming process, the system will work autonomously.

With an activation command (push button) the system will trigger a “per event” lighting scenario that will replace the “hourly programming” for a time defined during the programming stage using the app.
Moreover, you can use a manual potentiometer to force the dimming percentage of lighting fixtures.  

DISMART Receiver

Dismart Receiver

DISMART Receiver is the lighting fixtures’ dimmable driver controller.

This module is housed inside the lighting fixture. During fixture installation, you will have to use a manual switch on the receiver module to select the group it belongs to (number from 0 to 16) and associate it to a determined fixture inside the DISMART Hub.

Once powered, the module will automatically detect the type of command (1-10 Vdc or DALI) configuring itself.

Thanks to the integrated 2.4 GHz radio, the module receives the signal from the DISMART Hub, and serves as a radio bridge for the nearby nodes (mesh network) to allow the propagation of the signal and ensure the transmission of the command. 

Control applications for smartphones

The DISMART APP has a simple user interface to allow easy programming and parameter setting for the whole system. With the app, you can configure all the settings for a constant adjustment of lights.

Hourly lighting schedules
You can set different time slots on a day-by-day basis and apply a determined light level to each slot

Lighting levels
You can easily adjust, in real time, the lighting dimming percentage until you achieve the desired lighting level.

Dismart APP

Event-based programming
You can set a certain lighting level to be kept during an event (lighting scenario) by triggering an external command (push-button).

Options and settings
A series of tools that provide general settings, not linked to the system’s programming.

Download the DISMART app

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